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Handwoven and Hand beaded Products

At Creations Petits Paws we specialize in the artistic side of arts & crafts. We offer handwoven products,  such as matching scarves for people and their beloved dogs or parents with their beloved kids,  as well as ....beaded bracelets

Lucie Levy is a newly retired veterinarian who found a new passion in creative arts. Her products are

unique and she takes custom orders. She learned to weave and bead in Inuvik, Northwest Territories  where she participated in the Arctic Paws program

  Dr. Levy started herself a pet therapy group in the US many years ago, "Caring Paws" and was actively involved with her 2 dogs for  more than 12 years

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Dr. Levy also volunteered with World Vets in free veterinary clinics in countries in development.  In July 2018, she joined them in Ecuador to  train Latin American veterinarians and upper level veterinary students.  Previously, she went to Peru.  Her craft sales helped fund her trips.

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