Do your own bracelet: choose your leather band, beaded sleeves, spacer and clasp $75.00
Send e-mail for special order, specifying size of your wrist, A, B, C and D.

A- Leather band color:

B- Beaded sleeves colors:

A-1 Turquoise
A 2- light blue
A 3- navy
A 4- deep purple
A 5- light tan
A 6- light brown
A 7- dark brown
A 8- black
A 9- red scarlett
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B 1- turquoise & white
B 2- multi green/blue/purple/white
royal blue & white
B 4- purple & white
B 5- royal blue/ purple/ turq. & whi
B 6- light blue
B 7- caramel & white
B 8- green/ gold/ copper & cream
B 9- brown & orange
B10- navy and cream
B 11- brown and light blue
B 12: green & ivory
B 13- red & white
B 15- silver & black
B 16: any 2 colors of your choice. S
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C- Spacer:

C 1- Navajo spacer
C 2- Infinity spacer
C 3- Fleur de Lys spacer
C 4- flower spacer
C 5- Maya round spacer
C 6- Celtic heart spacer
C 7-  heart spacer
C 8- 2 bands spacer
colors: silver or copper
C 9- butterfly spacer
C 10- peace sign spacer
C 11- square spacer
C 12- turtle spacer
C 13- Celtic knot spacer
C 14- square with grooves
specify copper or old gold
C 15- ceramic spacer
specify ivory/ brown or light blue/brown
C 16- round stone spacer
specify tiger eye (on picture)/ white pearl/ or tan natural dakota stone
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D- Clasp:

D 1- magnetic floral clasp
specify bright gold or old gold
D 2- magnetic waves silver clasp
D 3- magnetic copper dots clasp
D 4- magnetic silver football clasp
D 5- magnetic metal gun clasp
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